Book of soles – my lesson in provenance

This is extraordinary – you must check it out. Click on the picture and go to the article written for the Book and Paper Gathering.

I first saw a picture of this book when Dominic Riley came to Australia and showed us a slideshow on his laptop of books that have influenced his journey in bookbinding and repair. This book affected permanently my appreciation of ‘provenance’ and it’s part to play in repair decision-making; the unique journey of an object, beyond the general ravages of time, deserves preservation.

[SOURCE:The Book and Paper Gathering]

Who are we now to deny this book it’s history – those soles were carefully cut out, leaving the rest of the book intact and placed neatly back onto the shelf. The soldier could have ripped up the book, cut off the covers, or any manner of gratuitous damage, but they didn’t.  This is an artefact of necessity, and of respect.

Thank you to Dominic, and to the Paper and Book Gathering for this picture and article.

It still moves me.

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