Nuts and Bolts – the repair of a precious wartime album.

This repair is to a personal WW2 photo album. PST (sticky tape) of all varieties and ages, original endpapers glued over with multiple envelopes (using an old mystery glue combo), disintegrating cloth hinge patch, separating boards, collapsed spine, stains, old glassine (affectionately known in the bindery as ‘yellowing, moist, acidic, transparent sheets of doom’), and the original laced enclosure replaced with nuts and bolts. Yes,  Nuts. and. Bolts.        [insert gentle weeping]

It’s war wounds and subsequent 80 years of repairs and patches are a wish-not-list of frightening but nonetheless practical and perhaps necessary measures to keep it all together.  ‘Make do and mend’ at work. 

It’s time now for some well earned book love.

[Name on inside cover obscured for privacy]

The main jobs were:Remove all tapes, glue, envelope bits, stains, evil glassine, hinge patch
Rebuild the spine, corners and board edges,
Replace hinge with linen, nuts and bolts with linen tape, evil glassine with colourmatched archival interleaving tissue, retouch areas of endpaper loss with watercolour

…aaah, that’s better. Complete the work with an archival box to keep the album protected.
[Name on inside cover obscured for privacy]

It was a pleasure to spend time with this album, and an honour to keep her happy for the next generation to enjoy.

~ Love your books, folks 🙂

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