The poor apprentice, lost without his Master’s hand.

I'm told that it was traditional to show your grief in a passively dramatic way in Victorian Society by showing that you’d rather go to ruin that live with the loss, evident in this poem by a bookbinder apprentice of the late 19th century - talk about heavy!~Bookbinder’s Lament~A solemn curse by Ben Burnisher, pronounced … Continue reading The poor apprentice, lost without his Master’s hand.

Choosing a book to rebind

I am often asked to rebind favourite stories into volumes worthy of inheritance. Perhaps as a birth gift, a wedding gift, or any number of other wonderfully creative motivations. It is a part of my job that I particularly love, as it is about preparing for the future and showing your family how much stories … Continue reading Choosing a book to rebind

You are invited to a day at a working bindery

The Victorian Bookbinders Guild, and the Sago on Tuesdays bindery would like to invite you to a day in a working country bindery.If you are invigorated by leather, type, writing, books and artworks on paper, then this is definitely for you.Come along and ask a trillion questions, touch and handle tools and materials, learn about … Continue reading You are invited to a day at a working bindery


A wonderful and dedicated volunteer brought this springback cemetery register to me - a local document that means a lot to his community."This book is important to us. No-one meant to treat it badly - we are all volunteers who care about history and books, but it hasn't been stored well, and now it seems to … Continue reading CLEAN RECOVERY – STAGE 1 FOR A LOVELY BIG BOOK

Two Loved Books

Imagine a retired librarian, who loves her books so much as to bequeath their loveliness onto the next generation,and even into the caretaker hands of libraries she respects.  Fully appreciating however, the limited resources of libraries and loved ones alike, and feeling the book custodian's sense of responsibility and stewardship, she sets out to leave … Continue reading Two Loved Books

**It feels like Christmas today**

My paper order from Griffen Mill in Ireland has arrived, and I am so happy, as it means I can complete some repairs works that have been waiting a looooooong time for the right paper match, and my confidence to increase in learning about period paper matching, choosing it from afar.    There is no better … Continue reading **It feels like Christmas today**